Painting & Detailing

Types of paints & finishes

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Paints Finishes
High Gloss For that perfect solid colour with a high shine finish. Look brand new everyday!
Metal Flake Metallic paint, also called polychromatic. Metallic paint can reveal the contours of bodywork more than non-metallic, or “solid” paint. Close-up, the small metal flakes included in the paint create a sparkling effect.
Candy Deeper colours for a more elegant look. Best results come from applying a candy basecoat followed by a candy finish, both coats should be the same colour giving an immaculate finish. The alternative is to mix a percentage of candy paint into the base and finishing coats
Chameleon Normally sprayed over a white base to give a two-tone effect or a abalone shell effect
Pearl Make your vehicle dazzle with a pearl effect respray. Multitude of colours available to blend giving you a shimmer effect


If you are looking for that high quality finish then mopping is for you. Mopping or ‘Colour Sanding’ gives your car a superior, stand out, polished finish. The process involves sanding off a fine layer of lacquer, applying a specialist compound and then using a precision polishing machine to achieve a showroom finish. Drive your car away with diamond shine. Get in touch today and speak to one of our specialists on site: 01279 422070.

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